Issue 6

Remembering Shiraz

For the sixth issue, Angah chose the subject of Shiraz, entitled “Shiraz: The City of Conversation.” Humans are the ones who are most affected by their environment, and we must not overlook the impact of humans on cities. Humans have always put a high value on the environment, and Angah attempts to explore this relationship with Shiraz.

The Shiraz issue opens with a poem by Hafez and a photo of a few women in Hafez’s tomb by Abbas Attar, a well-known photojournalist.

Interviews with Ebrahim Golestan, Mohammad Keshavarz, Bahram Dabiri, and Gholamhossein Saber feature in the sixth issue.

“Many writers have written about their cities,” Ali Amir Riahi writes in the opening article. About cities with labyrinths of alleys and streets that provided residents and inhabitants with a sense of identity and existence. Cities, on the other hand, derive their color and moods from their inhabitants. The mood of a city is determined by the tastes of its inhabitants.”

Mohammad Sarvi analyzes Shiraz from a historical perspective in his piece “In a Foreign Country.” The article “We two or three, gathered in a private…” delves more into the Shiraz literary meetings. A range of intriguing photos from places and people, as well as other sites in Shiraz, are attached to each of these articles.

Table Of content


> Ali Amir Riahi

Poem of the city

> Mohammad Beheshti

From the gone days. Interview with Ebrahim Golestan

> Vahid Daavar

The poor wealthy

> Farzad Moghadam

The city of love and fault

> Mina Rezaei

It’s unique condition

> Farzane Ghobadi

In a foreign country

> Mohammad Sarvi

Godard of Hafez

> Victor Daniel and Golnar Taajdaar

The Story of Shiraz. Interview with Mohammad Keshavarz

> Mohammad Tolouei

We two or three, gathered in a private…

> Maryam Hashempour

Golestan, the pool and the freedom age

> Sirous Roumi

Poetry is my business

> Fateh sahba


> Khosrow Hakim Rabet

Everyday street life of Shiraz amid the thirty-five years old memories

> Mehdi Rostami

Esfand book passage

> Hamidreza Zerafat, Anis Sa’adat

Grass corner

> Hajar Razmpa

So they sit, and musicians start

> Sadaf Shakibaei, Razie Jeyranzadeh

Nobels of this neighbor

> Mohammad Reza Behzadi

The shiraz house

> Afsaneh Kamran

The decline of the garden in the minds of society

> Shirin Karimi

Shiraz spectrum

> Fatima Ferdows

Going and not coming back

> Arash sohrabi

I continue my mission

> Mohammad Sadegh Darvish

Shiraz school, Interview with Bahram Dabiri

> Taraneh Yalda

Notices of a party

> Ali Bakhtiyari

Imaginary city

> Rasoul Nazarzadeh

The wise old magus

> Touraj Daryaei

Self burner and stranger lover. Interview with Mehrzad Dirin

> Saeed Mazinani

The sash room, The first excuses to paint. Interview with Gholamhossein Saber

> Hassan Morizinejad

The songs

> Astiaj Ziaie

The fifth view

> Arash Basirat

The private collection of Mr. M

> Roshanak Hadian

Sadegh’s empty place

> Mahdi Parsaei, Mahsa Faghihi

When The wind carry your voice to far places

> Banoosheh Farhat